NT Wright 101

In April 2014, Christianity Today featured NT Wright, complete with a Narnia-esque cover picture of him standing on an age-worn dock of the North Sea.   Something about this spotlight at the convergence of popular religion and intellectual Christianity struck me as momentous.  

I once heard it said by a frequenter of seminary campuses, that every seminary president’s office in the US has a copy of CT on his or her coffee table. There was something fitting to me about Wright gently gracing the office of every seminary president.

In the attempt to articulate Wright’s main contributions and emerging legacy, the author of the featured article suggested that Wright was among the most important theologians and Christian apologists of our day.  I am inclined to agree.  But history has yet to be written fully, and what I would want to say at least is this (with as much objectivity as possible): we would ignore Wright’s contibution, his arguments and hypotheses at great peril.  There’s a good chance that Wright has taken us far closer to Jesus and Paul than our traditions have allowed for many centuries.  So for those interested, I’ve collected what I see are the best representative recorded lectures he has given recently, categorized by key topics below, with links to their online recordings.  If you want to know what Wright has offered to us, start here:



The Gospels



The Contemporary Church




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