What’s Cooking for SBL/AAR (hint: think sushi).

Question of the Month: How many Biblical Scholars will skip out on this year’s SBL/AAR meetings in San Diego to catch a few waves and hit the sushi bars? Maybe some… For those who will mostly forego the beach here’s what is cooking at the conference for my interest:


  • “Paul and the Apocalyptic Imagination” deBoer, Wright, Stuckenbruck, Ziegler, Gorman, Humphrey, Campbell, Gaventa, Barclay. What more could you ask for?
  • “Miracles: Philosophic and Historical Plausibility” Keener with respondents, Webb and Bock.


  • “Configuring Gender in Luke Acts” Green, Reid, Seim, Spencer, Wilson.
  • Anniversary Presentation of “Comforting Whirlwind” with Bill McKibben (to present a plenary later)


  • “Review of Jason D. BeDuhn’s ‘The First New Testament’”.
  • “Plutarch and the New Testament Revisited”


  • “History of Religions School Today – 2”
  • Jimmy Carter “The Role of Religion in Mediating Conflicts and Imagining Futures: The Cases of Climate Change and Equality for Women”

Should be a great conference, and yes I plan to find sand and seafood at some point…you should too.


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