Witherington Discovers Lightfoot’s Acts Commentary

One of the greatest pleasures of my burgeoning academic career has been to study, during masters work, with Ben Witherington, after which I served as his T.A. for three years.  He sent me off to St. Andrews for a doctoral degree, and the rest is unforeseen history.   In 2013, just before I was leaving Scotland, I spent a weekend with Ben at Durham.  Magical place.  He was on sabbatical leave from Asbury and stationed for a time at his alma-mater St. John’s.  He gave a great series of lectures in honor of his doctoral father, C.K. Barrett, and then guided me on a grand tour of the University. Afterwards we made a brief stop into the divinity school’s library,  where he settled a photocopy account with the librarian (didn’t nose my way into that conversation) and began sharing with me what he had discovered. 1500 hand written pages of an unpublished commentary by Lightfoot on Acts. Wow.  Exegesis and commentary by one of the top ten biblical scholars of the modern era, material bound to be relevant even today.  He was hoping and sure that someone would pick up the materials and publish them for the rest of us.  Well, he did it.  IVP picked up the series, and from what I can tell (In the spirit of Peter Jackson and other brilliant modern directors), they will publish the commentary in three volumes.  Can’t wait to dig in!




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