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Jesus Through A Diamond

Why are there four portraits of Jesus? Why do they have differences from one another? This excerpt from my New Testament Essentials class works through the general differences of the passion narratives.

Compassion and Nehemiah 3

There is no more important posture one needs, in rebuilding broken things, than compassion ( “a willingness to suffer”) with those who languish under the weight of ruins. Suffering with another person is the willingness to enter into the mess and, with a Christ-like reverence for those whose lives are broken, being present with them in the reconstruction process. As Thomas Merton said in The Sign of Jonas of God’s compassion: “I am noisy, fully of the racket of my imperfections and passions, and the wide open wounds left by my sins. Full of my own emptiness. Yet, ruined as my house is, You [God] live there!”


John P. Meier on the Marginal Jew

Here's a good lecture by John Meier outlining his major points of his major work on the historical Jesus.  Informative watch:


Peter Williams on the Seventy or Why He Does Not “Believe in the Septuagint”

For those interested in the "pre-Christian Greek Translations of the Old Testament", check out this informative presentation by Peter Williams.  It might change the way you interact with and speak about the Septuagint.


John Collins Lectures on Jewish Identity and Torah

Hang on tightly for a couple of instructional lectures on Jewish identity in 2T Judaism.  Good QandA after the lectures too.