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Peter Williams on the Seventy or Why He Does Not “Believe in the Septuagint”

For those interested in the "pre-Christian Greek Translations of the Old Testament", check out this informative presentation by Peter Williams.  It might change the way you interact with and speak about the Septuagint.


John Collins Lectures on Jewish Identity and Torah

Hang on tightly for a couple of instructional lectures on Jewish identity in 2T Judaism.  Good QandA after the lectures too.


Witherington Discovers Lightfoot’s Acts Commentary

One of the greatest pleasures of my burgeoning academic career has been to study, during masters work, with Ben Witherington, after which I served as his T.A. for three years.  He sent me off to St. Andrews for a doctoral degree, and the rest is unforeseen history.   In 2013, just before I was leaving ...


NT Wright and Team Duke

NT Wright is on his annual trek across America (brave man).  Check out his early stop at Duke for this hour and a half panel discussion with Douglas Campbell, Susan Eastman, Richard Hays, and J. Ross Wagner.  Watch all the way through, and I gurantee your skin will grow a little thicker.