Jesus Through A Diamond

Why are there four portraits of Jesus? Why do they have differences from one another? This excerpt from my New Testament Essentials class works through the general differences of the passion narratives.


A Jigger Full of Jagger

I came across this, my first online 'about' page, from 2004. It is fun to read it again. Over a decade later, it still rings true: -A Jigger Full of Jagger- Captivated by mythology, I tangle with reality Quite content, a stranger here, not to be alone Who am I? I'll tell you who I'm … Continue reading A Jigger Full of Jagger

Compassion and Nehemiah 3

There is no more important posture one needs, in rebuilding broken things, than compassion ( “a willingness to suffer”) with those who languish under the weight of ruins. Suffering with another person is the willingness to enter into the mess and, with a Christ-like reverence for those whose lives are broken, being present with them in the reconstruction process. As Thomas Merton said in The Sign of Jonas of God’s compassion: “I am noisy, fully of the racket of my imperfections and passions, and the wide open wounds left by my sins. Full of my own emptiness. Yet, ruined as my house is, You [God] live there!”

The Heart of Social Presence

An excerpt from "A Spirituality of Social Presence", by Keith Jagger. (Epiphany Academy Dissertation). This post works like an introduction to what I would consider Discipleship 101. This is what I would tell a new Christian to spend their first five years practicing.  At the center of the Judeo-Christian worldview towers one stubborn conviction: “The earth is … Continue reading The Heart of Social Presence