Hope is a Muscle

Sometimes we experience wishful thinking and mistake it for hope. But hope is so much better than dreaming, even despite our culture's claims to the contrary. When I was in college, my stars were aligning. I wasn't so popular in High School. But by the end of my freshman year of college, I had been ...


Gourmet Christianity

Christianity has long been associated with meals. Jesus hosted a symbolic meal on the eve of his death. Jews and Christians have long portrayed eternity as an everlasting banquet. And Christianity’s earliest distinctive was its insistence that all people could sit and share food together. But in our day, I am afraid that too many ...

Compassion and Nehemiah 3

There is no more important posture one needs, in rebuilding broken things, than compassion ( “a willingness to suffer”) with those who languish under the weight of ruins. Suffering with another person is the willingness to enter into the mess and, with a Christ-like reverence for those whose lives are broken, being present with them in the reconstruction process. As Thomas Merton said in The Sign of Jonas of God’s compassion: “I am noisy, fully of the racket of my imperfections and passions, and the wide open wounds left by my sins. Full of my own emptiness. Yet, ruined as my house is, You [God] live there!”


Earth Quaking Prayer

I remember a time in my younger spiritual life when I was quick to wed together imagination and prayer. I would often imagine myself as a warrior robed in purple cloth, clad over with armor, kneeling at the throne of God. I would offer words of spiritual battle and stand poised in attention for any directive that ...



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Book Recommendation: A Glorious Dark by AJ Swoboda

We are all of us passing through cycles of resurrection. Old patterns of life die. We linger in the dust of the grave. And we wake up one day and find ourselves finally new. God is working on us, even if we can’t see it. We can imagine our faith, as A.J. Swoboda has recently suggested, as ...


Moving by the Spirit

For the New Testament writers, especially for Paul, conversion leads to transformation. Mind, Will, Heart, Body, and Relationships all get an extreme home makeover. For Paul, especially in Romans 8 and Galatians 5, he speaks of this total-lifestyle conversion as moving from flesh to spirit. Paul is very careful to spell this out for his ...

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