Witherington Discovers Lightfoot’s Acts Commentary

One of the greatest pleasures of my burgeoning academic career has been to study, during masters work, with Ben Witherington, after which I served as his T.A. for three years.  He sent me off to St. Andrews for a doctoral degree, and the rest is unforeseen history.   In 2013, just before I was leaving ...


NT Wright and Team Duke

NT Wright is on his annual trek across America (brave man).  Check out his early stop at Duke for this hour and a half panel discussion with Douglas Campbell, Susan Eastman, Richard Hays, and J. Ross Wagner.  Watch all the way through, and I gurantee your skin will grow a little thicker.  


Raymond Brown and Centrist Exegesis

Today I found my way into Raymond Brown's Death of the Messiah and the space between historiography, narrative analysis and tradition criticism.  This is the place where you can accept the stories as they are, dabble (critically) in how it might have all really happened, and aim your findings for men and women of the church who want to ...


Barclay and Diaspora Jews

Today's post highlights one of one of my "top ten must reads" for students of New Testament in Christian Origins.    John Barclay, Jews in the Mediterranean Diaspora Barclay’s “Jews in the Mediterranean Diaspora” offers a ‘comprehensive survey’ of the Judaism out of which Early Christianity emerged. Recognizing this important seedbed for Early Christianity (but also ...


What’s Cooking for SBL/AAR (hint: think sushi).

Question of the Month: How many Biblical Scholars will skip out on this year’s SBL/AAR meetings in San Diego to catch a few waves and hit the sushi bars? Maybe some... For those who will mostly forego the beach here’s what is cooking at the conference for my interest: Friday “Paul and the Apocalyptic Imagination” deBoer, ...


Seminary Stewardship Alliance Conference About to Begin

For the past two years, seminary leaders and faculty from among the largest Christian centers for pastoral training have committed their seminaries to creation care.  They've committed to interweave biblical-theological inspirations for creation care into their curriculum, as challenging as it might be.  They've decided to practice sustainability on their campuses in a variety of ways.  And they've ...


The Persians and First-Century Judaism

For those interested in Second-Temple Judaism and the religious tradition that Jesus knew first hand, you'll be interested in the collaborative project ongoing between Lester Grabbe (of the University of Hull) and T&T Clark, "A History of the Jews and Judaism in the Second Temple Period." Volumes One and Two are out (covering the Persian and Early Hellenistic ...

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